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With Pitch.Link, you can create a PitchFlow in less than 15 minutes and send it to your warm leads, converse naturally and see increase in conversion by as much as 20%. Feedback shows that Prospects, Investors, End - users love their Pitch.Link experience.

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Why Pitch.Link?

We make Selling Easy by making Buying Easy!

Simple & Easy Setup

Send your first pitch in less than 15 minutes using our drag and drop interface.

Audio, Video and Slides

Create a communication PitchFlow that Converts. Use your existing sales collaterals (in any format) and record your own voice and video to personalize at scale.

1-on-1 Onboarding

Need help from us for your first pitch? Or a Tips & Tricks session? We are here to help you use Pitch.Link to convert more leads into revenue.

100% Improved Conversation. Faster Conversion.

Engage with prospects who are ready to buy. Improve your Return on Engagement and increase your Close Rate.

How it works

Comprehensive suite of powerful conversion tools

Pitch.Link comes with a well researched suite of powerful tools that Make Buying Easy!

Let us help you improve your sales using pitch link’s “Conversation to Conversion" sales technology for a definite improvement in your closure rates.

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What our happy customers are saying

“Very excited by the potential of the tool.
We teach people how to pitch for a living and see many great use cases for Pitch.Link. The founder has been a delight to meet and connect with and his commitment to the product is very clear. Thank you for the great opportunity to partner with you."

John Harvey
John Harvey

“Pitch.Link removes salesperson-based qualitative differences and normalizes sales pitches to the highest quality."

Mythily Ramesh

“I can control the flow of my story using various multimedia, such as video, a deck, voice or text- leading to one cogent and coherent experience."

Indrayudh Ghosal
Scribble Data

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