Engage more prospects in One-to-one dialogue

Remote Selling and Buyer Engagement with integrated Content and Conversations

No sign up required

Reach Target Customers at Scale

Digital Sales Room with Sales Messaging and Comprehensive Engagement

Improve Buyer Participation

Engage customers better with structured storylines and support collaterals

Qualify faster

Buyer opt-outs and engagement signals help qualify faster.

Nurture effectively

Deep communication channels enable nurturing the prospect relentlessly

Immersive storytelling for sales acceleration

Present a sequential narrative, not a bunch of documents.

Tell your brand story with an ordered flow of sales collaterals.

String together audio, video, images, PowerPoint, and most other file formats to create a rich media experience.
Immersive storytelling for sales acceleration

"With a pretty short learning curve, we have been able to create and deliver engaging content ……that will enable buyers to buy better and sellers to sell more effectively together across a platform."

- Tom Hawkett - Connect4 Growth
Personalization At scale

"Pitch.Link removes salesperson-based qualitative differences and normalizes sales pitches to the highest quality."

- Mythily Ramesh - Nextwealth

Personalization At scale

Personalize the story for each prospect with custom video and audio messages

Clone standardized narratives and add personal messaging to target individual prospects

Realize customization with minimum tweaking and effort

Simplify buyer participation

All-in-one Application — story-telling, support documents, and discussions.

Buyer can watch multi-format rich media narratives without downloading files

Buyer can invite other decision makers and consultants to participate
Simplify buyer participation

"I can control the flow of my story using various multimedia, such as video, a deck, voice or text- leading to one cogent and coherent experience."

- Indrayudh Ghosal - Scribble Data

Comprehensive engagement

All stakeholders participate in insightful discussions.

Frictionless content management

Eliminate assorted content hosting, sharing and chat applications.

Experience PitchLink.
Build and send your first pitch. No sign-up is required.

Simply drag and drop files from your desktop or add links into a sequence. Record video or voice messages to add context. Send.

Not available on mobile/tablet yet.

"PitchLink’s user-friendly interface and customizable templates make it a breeze to craft compelling pitches that resonate with our clients."

- Rizwan Shaik - Qube Hub & Qasim Technologies

Campaign links

Automatically open personal dialogues from large campaigns.


Research organizations and industry verticals, prospects and their competition.


Forge Sales-Marketing collaboration for targeted messaging.

"The system is built with the prospect in mind and that's why it rocks."

- Raaj Nadar - Sales Development Solutions


Request for Customer testimonials to use in Sales Pitches.


Predict Buyer Intent. Inbuilt Analytics to track buyer engagement with explicit permission

Asynchronous communication

The ease of one-on-one without the challenges of face-to-face across geographies and time zones.

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