Our mission is to help you Open 20% more Sales Conversations while reducing time spent by 50%.

Pitch.Link is your first-touch-platform to connect with your prospects making it easy to inform and engage. We help you save 50% time wasted in chasing leads that would not convert by identifying them early.

What changed?

Buyer is not buying Interruption anymore

Data from research organizations prove beyond any doubt that email open rates, cold call connects, and telemarketing response is plummeting. The buyer today hates interruption— the system is abuzz with noise and it's hard to decipher the signal. Increasingly, the buyer is disconnecting from attempts to engage.
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We are in the Permission economy

The information deficit that the buyer faced two decades ago has reversed completely with the proliferation of the internet, and the buyer prefers to research their needs before engaging with a seller. Indeed, they are often 70% through their buing journey before the vendor can commence dialogue.
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We are entering the era of Ethical Analytics

Surreptitious tracking and indiscriminate use of buyer data to inflict selling chatter on the buyer is having a negative effect. Buyers have become extremely sensitive about invasion of privacy, and legislations such as GDPR and CCPA have been enacted to protect user data.

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Our Team

Subhanjan Sarkar

CEO & Founder


Rajib Aditya

Head of Content


Pradeep K. Gupta

Head of Technology


Advait Sarkar

Advisor Analytics


Omprakash Yadav

Head of Admin



Over400 + registered companies are closing more deals.

Active Users

Users include 1000+ Marketing and Sales professionals.

Pitch.Links sent

More engagement with over 8000 Pitch.Links sent.

in Development

Over 4+ years in development.

Our Story

Imagination and dare.

Started with our own need to reach unreachable customers, numerous no shows for face-to-face meetings, even more difficulty in talking to all stakeholders in a decision-making committee we imagined Pitch.Link as the ultimate tool for Remote Selling. Our team has been building solutions for over a decade and we brought all our experience and imagination to building Pitch.Link. For startups and Small and medium businesses determined to grow through increased conversion.

Our Vision

Quest for Extraordinary Outcome

We strive to build the perfect platform that would help deliver Extraordinary Outcome to all the stakeholders in a Value Transaction Process.


Our goal is to reduce the entire communication, conversation and conversion process to a single unique link. Once on the platform no stakeholder needs to keep track of any other space or app.


We are the first Buyer Seller SaaS that does not track buyer data without Explicit permission firmly putting the relationship on a trusted platform.


We want to ensure that the value transaction process is Transparent for both parties on either end.


The goal was to ensure that the entire process was easy for both the Buyers and Sellers. Every single feature was crafted with that single filter.

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