Service Plans
Introductory Pricing (Valid till 30th June 2018)
No credit card required

Introductory Plan
All features included
$99.00 / month
90 days free

Billing starts after your 90 day free trial or the extended period (upto 12th month) based on the accrued bonus through the
Invite Friends Program! ***

  • Send 200 PitchLinks / month**
  • 20 GB storage
    Can store 1000 files and marketing collaterals of average size of 10 MB and 400 audio files of 5 MB each and 200 video files of average 40 MB each
  • Unlimited Team members
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited PitchMaps
  • Unlimited PitchFlows
  • Unlimited Testimonials
  • Unlimited Forms
    Requirement Discovery / Need Analysis / Feedback
  • Unlimited Learning Support

How do you calculate the number of PitchLinks?

A PitchLink is the link you send out to your customer with your introductory mail, your PitchFLow and other associated files customized for the particular client.

It is the single link on which the entire selling process plays out, including all conversations. Every PitchLink is unique to the Pitch, in combination with a particular prospect in the company to whom it is sent.

When you send a PitchFlow out to a customer it is calculated as a single PitchLink sent. Any number of persons can join this pitchlink in the company. It still is a single PitchLink Count.

The same pitch can be sent to multiple companies. Each additional company it is sent to will count as an additional single pitch sent. Multiple Pitches can be sent to a single company. Each Pitch sent will be counted as an additional single Pitch sent. A "follow-up pitch" is counted as an additional single PitchLink.

Invite Friends Program

Get up to additional 9 months FREE.
Offer valid till 30th June 2018.

When you sign up for PitchLink you automatically get 25 invites that you can send out to your friends who you think can benefit from PitchLink. Each friend who signs up with your invite gets 1 month FREE on top of the 90 days standard Sign Up plan and you get 15 days extra for FREE. You can get up to an additional 9 months for FREE . This offer is valid till 30th June 2018. Help us spread the cheer and gift 120 days of FREE PitchLInk account to your friends!

Unlimited Learning Support Policy

We provide Unlimited Learning Support for PitchLink. We do not want you to ever have to pay for a setup or ongoing help in using PitchLInk.

We have built a robust visual guide library and multiple help links. We are always ready to assist. You will never have to pay to learn how to use a software you paid for in the first place!

Thank you for choosing to use PitchLink.

No Crippleware policy

We disagree with the way SAAS products are priced. Where the relation between size and features and users were never aligned. This led to our No Crippleware policy. Simply put - irrespective of the plan you are in, you will get ALL the features at all times.

You will never pay more because we thought up some clever way to charge you more by holding back features.

Simple, transparent pricing

We have a single plan with 90 days Free($297 value). You only pay more for sending more PitchLinks and more storage. There are no other variables. The plan comes with unlimited team members and unlimited stakeholders at the clients end.

We want you to connect with your client and help him choose your product in the most conducive no-pressure environment. Even if you cross your assigned threshold, you can continue to send PitchLinks while you get in touch with us. We have a Fair Use Policy and would apply prorate charges.

We understand the pain of building and running a business. We want you to sell, not wonder about running out of PitchLInks!

PitchLink for social good

While we built PitchLink for selling, we understand that it can be of great value to NGOs and companies in the social sector. If you run a Not for Profit you can use PitchLInk for FREE. Please write to us at and we will get your account set up after a brief and easy review.